How to request a distribution of funds?

In order to submit your request for funds you need to gather and complete the necessary documentation. All requests require a minimum of at least one fully completed request form. You must complete all  of the following required portions of the document: 

  • Trust Account Number: If you do not remember your trust account number or do not know it this information can be completed by trust staff
  • Grantor Information: Complete this section with your current mailing address, this address will be used to send all checks you want mailed to you  and Securet documents, such as trust statements. Please check the appropriate box if your address has changed. 
  • Vendor Information: Complete this section with the information of the vendor your wish to pay. This address will be used to send the check out for payment. *Securet is not responsible for checks sent to the wrong address due to misinformation on the form. 
  • Grantor Signature & Date 

78026343Once your request form has been completed you are going gather necessary supporting documentation for your request. If you are paying a bill you will need to submit all pages of the bill, invoice, or receipt with your completed request form to Securet Trudt for processing.

You can submit your request using the following methods:

  • Fax: 866-389-6339
  • Email: dwhite@kencrest.org and roslyn.teagle@kencrest.org (must be sent to both emails)
  • Mail: 34 E. Germantown Pike, Ste 118 Norristown PA 19401

Request for Distribution of Funds (Vendor) 

If you are receiving SSDI or not receiving benefits at all  and are permitted to be reimbursed for expenses paid out. *Securet must have proof of your current  situation on file and given your expressed permission to use this form. If the above situation applies you will use the following form to submit for funds to be paid to you  Distribution of Funds (Grantor) This form requires that you submit proof of your expenses via receipt, invoice, or bill payment confirmation along with your completed request form

Request for Distribution of Funds (Grantor)