Listed below are several frequently asked questions and answers.  If you have questions that are not listed below, please send them to Securet and your question will be answered as soon as possible.

How can I establish an account with Securet?

 In order to be accepted into the Securet Pooled Special Needs Trust. A fully executed copy of our Grantor Adoption Agreement and proof of identification must be received and approved by Securet staff. Once the necessary documents have been received, approved and funds have been deposited you will have an active Securet Trust account. 

How do I get access to my Trust money?

Once you receive confirmation that your Trust has been funded, you may request that bills be paid using a Request for Distribution of Funds (Check Payable to Vendor or Store). The request form should be accompanied by supporting documentation for the bill to be paid. A check will be issued promptly after Securet determines that the request is an approved and allowable expense based on the benefits you’re currently receiving.  The Trust will make a check payable to your selected vendor.

There are so many things I want to do with my Trust money. How can I use my Trust money?

There are many things for which you may use your Trust account.  You are able to pay phone & cable bills as well as any out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses.  And you are able to purchase a car, take a vacation and even purchase a home.  However, there are certain things for which the Trust money cannot be used including food, drink, rent, gas, electric, water, luxury items, firearms and cash gifts.  For more guidance on this topic see our List of Approved Disbursements page in the Client Resources section.

Why am I not able to take cash or pay my rent from my Trust account?

Federal regulations governing Social Security and Medicaid disallow the Trust from disbursing funds for certain items such as rent, utilities, food and cash disbursements.  Our job is to prevent our beneficiaries from losing any benefits such as Social Security Income and Medicaid.

How do I know how much money I have in my Trust account?

Securet will send Trust participants a quarterly statement for months ending March, June, September and December.  You may also call Securet to discuss your Trust account at anytime.