When you have an account with Securet you can expect comprehensive trustee and trust administration services. We strive to provide our beneficiaries with access to funds that they need. Our trust disbursement process is easy to comprehend for clients with disabilities, their families and caregivers. Our service fees are competitive and reasonable, they are listed in our Fee section.  Basic service is included with your establishment and administration fees.  Additional fees may be assessed depending on your account activity. 

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If you have trust needs beyond those listed in the Fee section of this website, please contact us for personal assistance.


Basic Services

After you have signed the Grantor Adoption Agreement, been accepted into the Trust and once your Trust account is funded you can expect a Welcome Packet with information about how to access your Trust account and any applicable forms and trust guidelines. 

Account statements are mailed each calendar quarter.  Statements show year-to-date activity including deposits, earnings, distributions and fees. 

You may contact Securet Trust by phone up to 5 times per month without incurring any additional fees.  You may also request up to 10 distributions from your account per month without a fee.


Premium Distribution Services

You may request other Securet distribution services for an additional fee.  For example, from time to time you may need more than 10 distributions during a month, you may need a payment sent overnight or make a purchase online.

Please review the Fee section of this website so that you understand how your requests will have an impact on fees charged to your account.


Trust Representative Services

On occasion you may ask Securet Trust to represent you in an important transaction with a service provider, vendor, realtor or lawyer.  This Securet service is provided only with your written permission and you will be charge an hourly fee for this service.  Please contact us when you think you may need our assistance and please review the Fee section of this website for current fees.


Educational Trust Services

This service is for potential clients who have challenged their local school district and received a monetary
award settlement to use towards the education of their child.

Trust Administration for First-Party & Third-Party Trusts

This service is for potential clients who have a special needs trust in place and are looking to appoint a trustee or successor trustee.